Hard drive back up

In McNet Solutions we can help you out with finding a better hard drive for your second story
and we help fix broken hard drive either physically or if it has problems with the software inside it

IT Solutions

IT solutions includes the general industry of IT, from hardware to software. We use third party software that we know that they are the best for that particular problem and solution.

Internet Security

In McNet Solutions we help out our customers with security of the internet such as personal informations that are supplied on the internet via Web forms and the authentication process with the mind to protect the data. This will prevent attackers online that want to steal one's information.


In McNet Solutions we train our trusted customers about the internet since is another world alone and for someone who is new, it never gets easier alone, and on how to break and build your own firewall for better expeerience online while playing safe.

PC Support and Installations

We also help in choosing better Operation System for your device and walk you through the process of installing that perfect Operation Sytem and with some cool applications that support that perfect OS.

PC Repair

McNet Soutions team can also help with PC Reair, but oonly the minor issues since out focus in on the more on the Software rather that the Hardware side oof Computers. But we with the knowledge we have we can help out.

Data recovery

Day and Night people cry about their lost data on the internet, PC, Smartphones or on their secondary storage such as hard drive, flash memory or so. Well worry not anymore. We are here to help out. With McNet Soutions you are never alone.

Support Consulting

McNet Solutions also helps with support consultations, where we help in technical issues to indiviiduals, businesses or companies. We also manage scientific related information/issues regarding inside employees.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is our home to store data permanently and access them anytime anywhere. And McNet Solutions can help with just the right place where you can store that informations and have it back whenever you need it anywhere

Desktop Computing

Desktop Computing involves the process of doing everything sitting on one place using the old school computers. And here in McNet Solutions we know the struggle. That is why we make awesome Desktop Applications to make your work buch better and easier for you using the the VB.Net language.