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McNet Solutions(Pty) Ltd is a digital company that specializes in developing Websites, Web Applications and Desktop Applications. McNet Solutions (Pty) Ltd create online profiles for companies, institutions and individuals. We build applications that will bring productivity to businesses Fast and Secured. We bring IT Solutions that are stable and strategic for productivity.


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With the 4th Industrial Revolution, Everyone and Every Company is switching to Internet of Things. We help Companies buit best Website that will meet their customers expectations and have an ease of communications while bulding strong working relationship
Web Applications
We create Web Applications for Businesses and Organizations so that they will also take this huge step to cloud computing. Where one can be able to access business data on the go, wherever you are. Cloud Computing is best choice for businesses to store, manage and process data on the cload
Desktop Applications
Even though the industry is shifting to Web Applications. We At Mcnet Solutions understand the importants of Desktop Applications for the office. Businesses and Organizations still use Desktop Applications store, manage and process thier data locally without the need for connectinos of network.

Our Services include

IT Security Solutions
We offer IT Internet Solutions for security and privacy

Datacenter hosting
We help you in finding the best third-party or external service provider's infrastructure to have data stored

24/7 IT support
We offer support day and night. Even on Weekends and Holidays

IT Statistic
Data Monitoring stratergies to increase productivity and profit

Cloud Networking
We offer cloud computing to all for easy access and company productivity

Support and Maintenance
We offer maintenance and support to all technology related operations

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